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How Covid Ruined Golf

Covid Ruined Golf as We Know it… and other Funny Covid Issues – Real Clear Software

In pre-Covid Golf, courses were relatively easy to get tee times and play. Go online, find a time, sign up, play. With Covid, that has all changed due to the massive influx of new players (and we use that term loosely). Early in the crisis, people seemed to be working longer total hours while at […]

Is CRE Ready for the Big Tech Transformation?

Experts at ULI’s Europe Conference offer a snapshot of the industry’s efforts to embrace technology and detail the challenges ahead. This is a repost from a great article from Commercial Property Executive about technology and CRE. Was originally posed February 11, 2021 By Timea-Erika Papp @ Commercial Property Executive See the article link here!

On Demand Integrated Real Estate Business Intelligence

On Demand Fully Integrated Real Estate Business Intelligence – 2020/2021 Will be Critical for Real Estate Decision Making Through the shock, sadness and hope of 2020/2021, our world has clearly changed. For commercial real estate, most if not all professionals are moving forward with new or revised business strategies. This is important first survive and […]

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In Changing Environments, Does Your Lease Administration System Offer Strategic Advice?

The commercial real estate industry has always been one of the slowest to adopt innovation in software and IT. Remember this is the industry that large firms voluntarily gave up their national research capabilities only to give it to third party providers for free to save costs. Now CREXi, Co-Star, Ten-X and others have created […]

Real Clear Software

Your Retail Portfolio Needs Repositioning – Do You Have Tools to Get You There?

Every retail company is under intense operating pressure. While some companies are benefiting, most are experiencing changes from strategic re-positioning to a complete contraction. Franchisors are transitioning from franchise development to franchisee protection. For real estate departments, the hard work has just begun. The pressure for solutions and immediate results will continue to ramp up […]

Data to Sort Out Confusion

In Times of Stress, Look to Data that Matters for Changing Business Strategies

In times of stress, much like we are all in together now, corporations immediately change their business strategies and objectives to prepare for difficult times ahead. Expansion becomes contraction, “workplace” is now focused on wellness and “gathering”, corporate processes are rapidly condensed, major decisions are “paused”, and pending layoffs become immediate. The primary corporate driver, […]

The Slow Death to Excel Spreadsheets – Time to pick Real Estate Management Software

First released in 1985, Excel spreadsheet was a sensational alternative to its painstaking paper predecessor. It revolutionized the way data was consolidated, computed and corrected to be the ultimate showstopper of every business. Excel spreadsheet has been in the know how of every enterprise since the 80’s and the transparency and accuracy it rendered surfaced […]

Google Maps vs. Bing Maps

Maps – Companies need them not only to guide customers to their outlet but for various other reasons too – like searching what is available near them. More people are staring to use the search feature on maps to see what is around them. What food is nearby? What entertainment is close to here? Retailers […]

10 Best Practices to Keep Your Passwords Safe

Passwords are not something to be taken lightly. You need a strong password to keep your online information safe. Here at Real Clear Software, we take data security very seriously and is a top priority. We believe that a client’s data is essential to continued success and it is vital to protect that information. Unfortunately […]

The Benefits of a Good Professional Profile Picture

Professional profile pictures are important for the corporate world. It is the first things people see while looking for and trying to connect with you. People prefer working with someone trustworthy, so the right friendly profile picture helps building trust from the start. An outdated picture or the absence of one instantly makes people think […]

List of 2019 Must See Real Estate Conferences

Time to gain more contacts, network and nurture relationships! While there are various things to do to meet new people, attending industry events and summits lets you quickly meet lots of new people in minimal time. In fact, the people you usually end up meeting at conferences are people you may not otherwise fathom meeting […]

Importance of Google Reviews and using RSC to Track Them

If you wonder why you should bother with Google Reviews, it’s because review services such as this are now most businesses’ first (and hopefully not their only) impression on a prospective new patron. An increasing number of customers rely on Google reviews to select the business they wish to do business with. Obviously with an […]

HR: The New Frontier of Real Estate – Does your data confirm that?

Talent Demands Options Blame millennials, blame technology, blame a changing work ethic, or just understand that times have changed. Employees no longer strive to work for a specific firm and boast their talent in order do so. New employees don’t strive like they use to graduate and go to work for a Fortune 500 firm. […]

Real Estate Software Helps Retailers Optimize Site Selection Process, Performance

In the 2016 movie “The Founder,” McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc (played by Michael Keaton) experiences a professional epiphany when he’s advised that he’s not in the hamburger business, but in the real estate business. This paradigm shift in perspective transforms Kroc from the struggling fast food franchise salesman he was into the billionaire empire builder […]

15 Best Practices for Photographing Buildings

Did you know that buyers spend more than 60% of their time looking at property photos than the listing description? And that properties with high-quality photos receive 47% higher rates than properties without, or with poor photos? Do you know what your photos look like? Yes, whether you realize it or not, property photos can […]


CRMs that improve your business

There is no shortage of CRM platforms available to users and businesses alike. Whether you’re keeping track of contacts, birthdays or anything and anyone you can imagine, there is a platform out there that can do it for you. The big question is, “Is that platform bettering your business?” When it comes to a business […]

Drones and CRE

Drone Videos: Bringing hip action to an inanimate building and saving them on RCS

The strides technology has made over the last decade or two are astounding.  It really wasn’t that long ago that many of us in the commercial real estate industry marveled over the ease of a fax machine, then were awed by email, then websites, then the cloud and the list continues to grow and evolve.  The […]

Mixed-Use Uses the Same Program

Mixed-use projects are not new, but some locations and developers entering this area are new. With an increased demand of mixed-used projects and more being implemented within newer areas not accustom to them, the old models may not necessarily work. The definition of “mixed” can be a broad definition; the look, feel and experience can […]

Experience counts!

Vital to use experienced platforms and consultants when reviewing data.

The interesting thing about our modern society is that there is no shortage of information, data and technology for today’s real estate user. In fact, it can be said that we are on information overload. With a simple a few clicks and keystrokes any real estate user can easily find information on just about anything […]

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PR: Revolutionary New Real Estate Intelligence Platform Powers Retail Success for Businesses

Real Clear Software’s RCS Portfolio Centralizes Real Estate Portfolio Data for Consistent and Transparent Analysis and Actionable Dashboards Newport Beach, Calif., January 8, 2019 — Real Clear Software, LLC is proud to announce the launch of Real Clear Software’s Updated Launch – a new, cutting edge commercial real estate intelligence platform. RCS Portfolio is an […]

Green Technology

Technology and two versions of green

We have all seen the recent movement to be more earth conscious, recycle cognizant and overall better citizens of the planet. In fact, in business more and more emails have the automated footers that say, “Please consider the environment before printing this email.” But does that really have an impact? Is it just a “feel […]

As Seen in

As Seen In GlobeSt: New Software Provides an All-In-One Solution for CRE

As Seen In New Software Provides an All-In-One Solution for CRE. By Kelsi Maree Borland | January 14, 2019 at 04:00 AM Real Clear Software is launching a RCS Portfolio, a new software that will house data in a single place. Real estate is largely a data-driven business, and real estate veteran Chris Sausser […]