Real Clear Software

Servicing Franchise Portfolios

Real Clear Software helps Franchisees with Data Organization, Time Management and Analytics for Franchise Real Estate Portfolios.

All Franchise Real Estate Types

Real Clear Software understands real estate’s impact on a franchise’s performance. Understanding and tracking lease data, along trends in profitability, expenses, foot traffic, social media, or any other custom metric is what matters to your success. Our ability to track any metric for any property type linked to your franchise is what makes Real Clear Software unique.

  • Food / Restaurant
  • Sports / Fitness
  • Apparel / Accessories
  • Health / Entertainment
  • Copy / Mail
  • Vending / Business
  • Automotive / Repair
  • Products / Services

Solutions for Franchise Portfolios

Real Clear Software offers a variety of solutions and in a centralized platform. Our system allows for easy and effective data organization, clarity into store sales and profitability, streamline and optimize time management, review data analytics and correlations that offer better portfolio insight.

  • Location Lease/Own Data
  • Data Organization
  • Key Metric / Date Tracking
  • Brand Categorizations
  • Project and Task Management
  • Demographics
  • Portfolio Insight
  • Capital Allocation Tracking
  • Data Comparison
  • Contact Management
  • Document Solutions
  • Summary Reports

Watch our video below for more information on how
Real Clear Software can help your franchise real estate portfolio needs.