The RCS Advantage

A multitude of benefits

Real Clear Software Advantages

Improving Location Performance

Helping our clients increase location / store performance, real estate performance, sales, and profits.

Easy to Use
Multi-Featured System

Created by users that know what business needs and how it should work, from a macro to a micro level.

Overall Costs

Reduce costs by eliminating redundant platforms, at an overall low price all with excellent service.

For Real Estate

Designed by Real Estate professionals with decades of experience within all industries and product types.

Works with
All Departments

Real Clear Software was designed to work with all departments from the C-Suite, HR, Legal, Real Estate, Facilities and more.


Real Clear Software help consolidate workflow by streamlining and standardizing repetitive tasks and projects.

Data Input & Sharing

Using a centralized system from strategy to implementation and enhance real estate and other business operation productivity.

Decision Support

Track and save communications, reports and analytics that help base all prior decisions and reference them when needed.

Enhances Productivity & Efficiencies

It is vital that participating organizations, not just individuals, support a collaborative approach, and RCS helps facilitate that.

Compare RE Data
To Other Data & KPI's

Take your real estate information to a new level and compare it outside data such as sales, HR and other KPI’s.

Better Overall
Portfolio Visibility

Real Clear Software helps provide portfolio clarity for real estate related decisions and the business units it interacts with.

Optimization Areas

With all the features noted and benefits realized, RCS naturally highlights areas of optimization and opportunity.

Less Email &
Less Clutter

By using discussion boards, saving notes through a centralized platform, there is a reduction in redundant emails chains.

Simplify & Accelerate
Decision Making

Aggregate data, centralize collaboration, analysis, planning, site approvals, and reporting into a single process.

Less Paper Product

PDF reports and document storage has been proven to reduce print costs and help the environment.

To Fit Needs

Add locations and the framework is in place. Same easy features for all portfolio sizes.

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