Corporate Occupiers

Why choose RCS Corporate Occupier

Helping Corporate Occupiers Increase Efficiencies & RE Performance

  • Predictive Analytics &
    Site Improvements

    Constant site improvement through review, comparison, correlation and predictive analytics

  • Accelerating RE’s Ability to Enable Business Success

    RCS is all about helping you increase real estate efficiencies, reducing costs and improving margins.

  • Site Selection &
    Submittal Tracking

    Submittal, recommendations, and market info are made directly into RCS.

  • Task Management &

    Insuring your projects are delivered on time with transparent accountability.

  • Transaction &
    Portfolio Management

    Using a centralized system from strategy to implementation at every level and department.

  • Tailored Dashboard
    with Pertinent KPI's

    RCS will create a proper dashboard that tracks any real estate, property or operational data needed.

  • Capital Allocations &
    Property Maintenance

    Managing operational and financial aspects of your portfolio and their budgets.

  • National Demographics
    On Demand

    Demographic data is fundamental to your employee base which helps define your success.

C-Suite Maximizing Revenue

RCS is perfect for all departments by providing and "easy to use" platform that all departments can centrally utilize, thus enhancing efficiencies, collaboration and overall results.

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Real Estate Committee Streamlining

RCS is great for streamlining real estate committee review and decision justification by all departments through a formatted and standardized process.

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Human Resources Maximizing Collaboration

Review and monitor performance management, facility standards, and employee satisfaction when making business and real estate decisions.

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Real Estate Dept Expediting Processes

RCS is great for making "heroes" within the real estate department by providing quick and easy access to KPI's that help justify real estate decisions and more.

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IT & Facilities Standardization

RCS works well with IT and Facility Divisions by monitoring task management processes, evaluating vendor performance and providing easy to review summary reports.

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