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Covid Ruined Golf as We Know it - and other Funny Covid Issues

Covid Ruined Golf

In pre-Covid Golf, courses were relatively easy to get tee times and play.

Go online, find a time, sign up, play. With Covid, that has all changed due to the massive influx of new players (and we use that term loosely). Early in the crisis, people seemed to be working longer total hours while at home. With nowhere to go to or travel to, they might as well get ahead. However, after about the initial 6 months, things had clearly changed. With all of the conversations and zoom presentations on worker efficiency when working from home (and they are way beyond boring), we believe a majority of employees were everywhere other than working.

Fact - Driving ranges were 30%-50% occupied at any time in the last 20 years, yet for some reason since March 2020, there is a waiting line every hour they are open.

Where did all the ?workers/players? come from at 10 am in the morning? They surely can't be working. How about 2:30 pm ? still not working. Playing a 5-hour round of golf mid-week? Guess work can wait. Do you think everyone is only shopping for golf equipment on the weekends? We don't either.

So, for those of us who have enjoyed pre-Covid golf with our friends, clients and families for many years, we say to the Covid golf newbies, "Please find another hobby or at least go back to work!"

Working Virtually

This practice has been around since the 1990?s when corporations started focusing on reducing real estate occupancy costs for their work force. Real Estate costs are the 2nd largest line-item expense behind personnel costs. Office and cube reservations, hoteling, conference room planning, WeWork type open build out ? all of these function very well and have historical outcomes of a quantifiable reduction in real estate costs. This time around, however, it is an entirely new world.

What are the Other Reasons Offices Aren't Open

In our opinion, while corporations do care about the health and well-being of their personnel, the lack of workplace openings in 2020 was also due to the risk to the corporation from a resulting worker lawsuit liability. Mitigating any physical or health risk for a company's workforce is absolutely the right thing to do in all cases, without exception. And the Covid risk, as we have all seen tragically, can have dire outcomes. But in reality, if the risk of legal liability for Covid did not exist, many more employees would be required to be returning to their offices. At least golf courses would be back to normal.

Zoom Calls

Just what we all needed to reinforce the thought that we are not as super good looking as we might had hoped. Unless you have a make-up team on hand, zoom calls and true close ups are a little scary. Early morning Zoom calls - priceless. When did we ever wonder if someone on a call was wearing pants? Seeing the funny things people have in their Zoom calls is classic - their clothes, state of their hair day, furniture, lighting, kids at home, dogs barking, lack of interior design expertise, pictures and plaques behind them, the list goes on. Keep it up - it provides a little humor in all of our calls.

Working Parents

Working mothers have always had our utmost respect. In Covid, both mothers and fathers enjoyed trying to work at home or in an apartment, while simultaneously teaching their kids during the day. No one ever anticipated having to spend 24/7 with their kids while keeping up at work. Hopefully 2021 provides them a new sense of renewed balance and space.

Happy Relationships

Can you imagine being in a bad relationship or marriage during the last 12 months?

Tiger Moms and Helicopter Parents

Maybe they have experienced all they want with their children for at least a little while. Their kids will appreciate it.


When not on a golf course, at the beach, working out, watching Netflix, having dinner outside, finding your mask or shopping for more alcohol, it has been a great time to strategically look at your business or business function. In real estate processes, transactions and portfolio management, there are countless ways to improve performance for your company and investors. Understanding the data that matters - the data that can have a profound impact on your business - has been critical. In every business, there are decision support applications which allow you to centralize all of your data for day-to-day management. Quit looking for siloed data. Find the right apps, test them, and use them.

If you are using your data correctly, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies, you will have more time to play golf. If you ask, those of us who have played for many years will welcome you to the course.

For those people and families who have suffered in this crisis, we pray for them. For our healthcare workers, first time responders and anyone having daily contact with customers, this country could not function without you! Thank you.

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