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Six (6) Reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Reason to invest in CRE

Commercial real estate has always been one of the most reliable investment options, irrespective of the market cycles. According to studies, despite the havoc caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in most other sectors, CRE is still going strong. In addition to this, recent developments in the sector have opened doors for the next-gen, savvy investors.

The following article was posted by: By APN NEWS Website
Titled: 5 Reasons to Invest In Commercial Property
Article Posted: June 21, 2022

The key take-aways from the article are as follows:

  • Commercial real estate has always been one of the most reliable investment options as it lists six (6) basic reason why, though the article is titled 5 reasons
  • #1 Diversification: Commercial real estate investment has a relatively low correlation with the stock market
  • #2 Tangible Assets: Property values may rise and fall but this intrinsic value would be maintained
  • #3 Cash Flow: CRE investments are designed to provide regular dividends on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis
  • #4 Tax Benefits: There are a bunch of tax benefits to investing in commercial property
  • #5 Inflation Hedge: Landowners may increase the rent they charge as the economy expands and prices for products and services rise
  • #6 Leverage: Cashflow noted above can be used against leverage thus helping with

Real Clear Software can helps commercial restate owners track and monitor the above points via the following solutions:

Multiple Categories for Diversification of Property Types

When referencing the article, the term diversification really relates to the diversification of investment types, but what is excellent about Real Clear Software is the system actually allows you to separate your CRE portfolio into different categories. Thus you can have pursued properties, versus own, versus leased or by product type. The multi-category system within RCS allows its users to easily monitor a diverse portfolio of locations in a single platform.

Track the quality of your commercial properties / tangible assets

Real Clear Software offers multiple features to track your tangible assets and monitor the quality of them. RCS offers multiple image and video storage capabilities so that its users can see the quality of their assets from out of state or out of the area. As described in a prior news article: Drone Videos: Bringing Hip Action To An Inanimate Building And Saving Them On RCS. In addition, RCS allows users to create 'score cards' that can be easily updated by property or asset managers. This way real time reviews can be consistently made and monitored making sure the quality of your tangible asset stays as peak performance.

Easily Monitor Cashflows and Tax Benefits for your properties

RCS also allows it users to track cashflows and tax benefits better than any other application related to commercial real estate. As referenced in a prior article: In Changing Environments, Does Your Lease Administration System Offer Strategic Advice?, it is vital to monitor the cashflow and tax benefits and how they affect the value your portfolio. Because RCS is so flexible and custom to each portfolio any type of tax benefit and cashflow can be monitored.

About Real Clear Software:
Real Clear Software 's commercial and cloud based real estate management software offers many advantages over excel spreadsheets and standard lease administration programs. RCS integrates portfolio, transaction and document management, project management, data security, performance measurement, data analysis & comparison, real time data access, stakeholder collaboration, CRM, demographics, and generation of various reports. For more information on RCS Portfolio from Real Clear Software, visit, email, or phone (949) 445-6220.

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