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Is All of Your Portfolio Data & Metrics Integrated in One App?

Consolidate Your Applications

Are you using one app to do all the work? If Not, Why Not?

While there is a tremendous amount of quality real estate apps for specific one-dimensional purposes, wouldn't you benefit from having all your key portfolio data and related performance metrics integrated in one place? Lease Administration, Transaction Management, Accounting, Facilities Management, Work Orders, Office Efficiencies & Hoteling, Investor Reporting, Asset Performance Tracking, etc. - they all have specific apps - But NONE of them provide to you the ability to track, measure and review any and all data that is important to your success as an Owner or Occupier.

You Need a Complete Portfolio Perspective in One Place

Most, if not all, of the extremely specific apps listed above are fairly inflexible, with one purpose, while housing siloed portfolio information. For Occupiers, aggregating your leased and owned data, employee counts, business location P&L, door swings, number of doctors, patients, unit sales, and other metrics create HUGE opportunities to identify portfolio improvement and reduction in costs.

For Owners, aggregating your property info, debt and equity, investor reporting, distributions, ROE, property P&L and performance, tracking repairs and maintenance and capital budgeting, also create HUGE opportunities for saving time and gaining a stronger perspective on each asset.

Programs that aggregate any and all data important to your strategic planning, and portfolio and capital management, are invaluable. The number of programs and apps that can provide that in an extremely easy user interface are very few. Find one, review it, engage, and increase your personal and portfolio success. These programs are the new, massive innovation in real estate asset and portfolio management.

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Real Clear Software's commercial and cloud based real estate management software offers many advantages over excel spreadsheets and standard lease administration programs. RCS integrates portfolio, transaction and document management, project management, data security, performance measurement, data analysis & comparison, real time data access, stakeholder collaboration, CRM, demographics, and generation of various reports. For more information on Real Clear Software, visit, email, or phone (949) 445-6220.

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