Multiple Locations

Why choose Real Clear Software

For clients with Multiple Locations

  • Improving Location Performance

    Helping our clients increase location / store performance, real estate performance, sales, and profits.

  • Tailored Dashboard
    with Pertinent KPI's

    RCS consults and creates the commercial real estate dashboard highlighting the proper real estate KPI’s.

  • Site Selection &
    Submittal Tracking

    Tracking site submittals, recommendations, and market info are made directly into RCS.

  • Predictive Analytics &
    Data Confirmation

    Allowing you to track and measure any of your location metrics & criteria.

  • Transaction &
    Portfolio Management

    Using a centralized system from strategy to implementation and enhance commercial real estate productivity.

  • Capital Allocations &
    Property Maintenance

    Managing operational and financial aspects of your portfolio.

  • Task Management &

    Insuring your projects, tenant improvements and capital improvements are delivered on time with transparent accountability.

  • National Demographics
    on Demand

    Demographic data is fundamental to your customer and employee base which supports location optimization and increases your success.

Retail Users Improving Performance

RCS is perfect for store expansions, comparing sales analytics to real estate, franchise real estate tracking, confirming door swings to demographics and much more.

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Storage Owners Managing Portfolios & Investors

RCS enhances your portfolio management, centralization of data, investor portal, reports, returns and broad analytics on every aspect tracked.

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Warehouse, MFG, Distribution Users Improving Logistics

RCS is great for monitoring location analytics, confirming logistical efficiencies, monitoring facility effectiveness, management and much more...

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Family Office Full Stakeholder Transparency

RCS integrates every data aspect of your portfolio, tenant, costs, debt, capital allocations, distributions, returns, vendor information and reporting to enhance the ease of management and reporting.

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Healthcare And Medical Real Estate

RCS provides complete real estate, campus, practice, and business uses, along with any metric important to the health system for performance management.

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Office Users and Multi-Markets

RCS enhances workplace efficiencies encompassing HR, real estate and operational costs, integrating with sales and finance to find additional avenues to increase margins and lowering costs.

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Real Clear Software Providing Solutions

Why our products can work for you!

  • 1. Solving The Problem

    Users with multiple locations and in multiple markets have more data sources than ever before, both external and internal. But data alone, without the ease of comparison, visualization and analysis is useless. Data availability is not an issue - it is properly interpreting it.

    Real estate decisions and efficiencies confirmation are data driven and more complex than ever before:

    • 89% have problems managing data
    • 33% manage via manual spreadsheets
    • 36% suffer from lack of data normalization
    • 86% are looking for operational efficiencies
    • 84% want quality data and fresh market insights

    Solving The Problem

    Users with multiple locations and in multiple markets have more data sources than ever before, both external and internal. RCS provides an easy to use system in reviewing, analyzing and using your own information better.

  • 2. And without it?

    If you know your business and real estate decision process can be improved, then RCS is the product to consider. Our objective is providing solutions to:

    • Higher costs
    • Unrealized location potential
    • Slow Decision Making Process
    • Spreadsheets, lots of spreadsheets
    • Siloed & Hidden Data
    • Inefficient Communications
    • Inefficient Stakeholder Involvement
    • Missed Opportunities
    • Team frustrations

    Frustrated Business

    Without it?

    We don't focus on the negative, but businesses can learn from them. RCS is helps identify inefficiencies and provides solutions to them.

  • 3. RCS answers the "WHY?"

    Correlating data to understand why one location is out-performing others is an art. Real Clear Software gives you the tools to connect the dots and make meaningful connections to propel your business and profits forward.

    Real Estate efficiencies demands constant re-evaluation of criteria, existing sales, and the parameters that create successful standards. We provide you the ability to immediately compare and analyze any set of data components.

    Answering "Why?"

    Learning from past successes and failures and knowing why decisions were/are made is the natural process of improvement. RCS helps track, justify and emphasize WHY business and real estate decisions are made.

  • 4. Bringing Departments Together

    Real Clear Software provides an easy and intuitive way to increase the visibility and collaboration of department or business unit opinions and recommendations. Notes, Write Ups, Recommendations, Evaluations and Discussion Boards help with co-dependent function communication.

    Real Clear Software maintains all the necessary and pertinent information on each user’s real estate projects.

    Unifying Departments

    Real Clear Software provides an easy and intuitive way to increase the visibility and collaboration of department or business unit opinions and recommendations.

  • 5. Real Clear Software is Unique

    Our clients are what makes us unique; because every business we work with is unique. What creates success in one business, service line or product is specific to that business. RCS allows our clients to define custom metric reviews and monitor how those key metrics applies to their real estate. In addition to the basic data tracking, RCS can track metrics such as sales and cost per FTE, branch deposit analytics, distance to competitors or key locations such as ports, freeway, customers, retail door swings and sell through, investor returns, proximity to the "hip thing", yelp reviews, widgets in a location, special space per employee or customer. You know what makes a location work - we track it, confirm it and make sure it really works. Real Clear Software is the only software that allows our clients to quantify those "special x factor" items efficiently and effectively.

    RCS is Unique

    Our clients are what makes RCS unique; because every business we work with is unique. Knowing this, RCS doesn't make our clients fit out product, we customize our product to fit our clients.

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