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Real Estate Portfolio Management

Real Clear Software is a real estate portfolio management platform that is customized to fit our clients’ needs and can address a variety of positions, product types and business perspectives exactly as they want. All real estate data, calendar events, documents, images and more can be tracked, analyzed and referenced between multiple departments and with other applications within our system.

  • All Positions | Owned, Leased, Investors & More
  • All Product Types | Retail, Office, Medical, Industrial & More
  • All Business Perspectives | Franchise, Company Locations, Advisors & More
  • All Industry Types | Professional, Service Industries, Municipal, Healthcare, Manufacturing & More

Customized Data Organization

Real Clear Software organizes your larger portfolio, as well as single location information, in a cohesive and easy to understand way. We segment your portfolio into categories, and then further down into tabs, panels and finally into specific fields. These macro filters help sort your information into digestible clusters. In addition, all single location data from documents, to images, property reports and more are organized and easy to reference. By doing so we help prevent data overload and data paralysis.

  • Categories | Initial macro sorts such as Owned Properties, Leased Properties, Brand X, Y, Z
  • Tabs | Custom macro groups of data within each category
  • Panels | Group the data fields into relevant clusters with the tabs
  • Data Fields | 100% Custom data field creation

Contact Management / CRM

Maintaining relationships with the marketplace means keeping contacts organized with all the pertaining details in an easy to read, sort and access platform. Applying the system is easy and efficient for everyone thus ensuring more use which in turns provides more collaboration. In addition to the contact details, Real Clear Software provides a full CRM system within its contact management platform.

  • Contacts & Firms | Contacts and firms can be standalone entities with full details
  • Teams & Surveys | Create teams and surveys of contacts for prospecting
  • Scheduled Calls | Schedule public and private calls for better collaboration

Transaction, Project, Task Management

Keep your transactions, projects and tasks moving forward - and on time. Transaction management plays a crucial role in enabling companies to transform business and execute strategy effectively. Managing any project can become a slippery slope when your organization doesn’t have a solid grasp of all the moving pieces. Real Clear Software spent a lot of time creating a system that is detailed enough to track all necessary items, but also simple enough to use for multiple scenarios.

  • Projects | The “overall objective” that encompasses a complete series of events and action items
  • Tasks | Action Items within the project that define sections and/or mile stones
  • Sprints | Break tasks down into step by step sprints
  • Templated Tasks | Create template tasks for repeat projects and events

Capital/Budget & Engagement Tracking

Track budgets and vendor engagement by categories (real estate, marketing, legal etc) by time frames and locations. Filter by the time frames, request and status of capital allocations. Track where the monies went and how long it took to get there. Improve communication and financial understandings between departments in order to improve efficiencies and reduce waste.

  • Multiple Budgets | Real Estate, Marketing, Legal & More
  • Track Status | Track requests, approvals and pending for updated status
  • Rate Vendor Performance | Rate vendor performance and capital allocation

Time Management Solutions

Time management helps increase productivity and effectiveness, achieve important goals and make better use of your time. RCS understands the necessity of this, and we created a system that produces an easy to use accountability list for those items in order to accomplish it.

  • Calendar Events | Private and public calendars for better collaboration and accountability
  • Reminders | A user’s “to do list” where to keep track of everything in one place
  • Project Management | Track the progress of a project with accountability features
  • Calls List | Works with the CRM to confirm calls are made
  • Tagged Date Fields | Tag specific date fields and create reminders based on them

Data Analytics / Comparisons

Real Clear Software provides a means to analyze any of your location information and the data linked to it in a very simple to use and understand manner. Location Data, Score Card Data, and more compared as a single location or against multiple surveys and/or regions. Order the surveys and compare the data the way you want. Real Clear Software understands data analytics is the future for all business needs and we are always enhancing our system.

  • Compare Multiple Data Sets | Compared as a single location or against multiple surveys
  • Save Comparisons and Results | Create comparison models and update the results when needed
  • Always Improving | Data Analytics is the future & we are always improving our system

Document Storage

Though there are multiple third-party file storage platforms available, Real Clear Software believed it was important to create a “centralized” depository for all real estate and operational related documents. As a result, RCS created a document storage platform that incorporates all the key features offered by alternate systems. In addition, Real Clear Software included the ability to interact with outside systems.

  • Comparable to Name Brand | Similar features to name brand, but keep your current service
  • Zip and Download Features | Zip and download folders and files for easy usage
  • Share Files | Use secure links to share files via email


Real Clear Software understands that maps are a great way to organize and visualize information. Maps provide as an excellent resource to cluster locations by regions, states and more. Real Clear Software offers terrain, aerials, traffic, satellite and standard street maps all of which provide a unique perspective purpose for the user. In addition, our mapping services also includes fully integrated demographic information using US Census information. Create a summary report based on a 1, 3, 5 Mile radius. All key statistical data is compiled into an easy to read and interpret format.

  • Uses Google Maps | Full integrated most recognized and user-friendly system
  • Map Overlays | The ability to create individual map overlays for regions or areas
  • Integrated Demographics | 1, 3, 5 Mile radius demographic census data
  • Distance Comparisons | Calculate distances between a location or an entire survey

Uniformed Reporting

Documents and reports are often synonymous, and because reporting is a critical part of the real estate process, RCS ensures that it was done professionally, efficiently and in a consistent manner. RCS has designed multiple reports and is always adding to the list of options. In addition, custom reports can be requested on a one-time fee basis per created report.

  • Consistent Reports | Uniformed Reports with the ability to print all sections separate or bundled
  • PDF Download | Eco-friendly PDF reports that can be saved, uploaded and emailed for future use
  • User Specific Reports | Customized reports can be created for users for a onetime fee.

Easy to Use & Better Collaboration

It is vital that participating organizations, not just individuals, support a collaborative approach, and Real Clear Software helps facilitate that. Real Clear Software designed our software not only to be compatible with your business’ needs, but to be intuitive and painless to learn. With decades of actual real estate experience, we know what is needed and how it should work. By making it easy to use, it will be adapted well and thus collaboration and greater communication offers better opportunity for innovation and insight to improve best practices.

  • Discussions Boards | Discussion boards are great for general topics or for single locations
  • Dashboards | 100% Custom Dashboard capabilities
  • Responsive Formatting | Works on all screen sizes for desktop and notebooks
  • Full Help Menu | Full help menu with video instructions for all features

... And Much More

This list of features is just a brief overview outlining high level features that hopefully spawn interest to pursue a more in-depth presentation. As mentioned prior, this system was designed by real estate professionals with decades of experiences, and the platform incorporates many other “little” features meant to make the process easier and more efficient. That said, we are always open for more suggestions.

  • Widgets | Multiple Real Estate related items and calculators
  • Multiple Security Levels | Dynamic security levels allowing for hidden or visible data features
  • Export All Data | All data can be easily exported into excel for other applications
  • Tell Us What You Think | If you find a cool feature or idea let us know

Let us provide more details on any and all of the features listed above!

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