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Real Clear Software is an information management system for real estate portfolios that provides numerous features in a centralized platform. It was built to accommodate all perspectives (tenants, owners, investors & more) as well as product types (retail, office, industrial, medical & more); while addressing the needs for multiple departments and business units within an organization. As a comprehensive system Real Clear Software provides the following solutions in an easy to use system designed to enhance collaboration, maximize efficiencies and reduce cost:

  • Real Estate Portfolio Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Project / Task Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Location Score Cards & Rankings
  • Mapping
  • Uniformed Reporting
  • Calendar Events
  • Customized Data Organization
  • Capital / Budget Tracking
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Vendor Rating
  • Contact Management / CRM
  • Demographics
  • Document Storage
  • Time Management

Tailored to work with All Product Types
and from All Perspectives

All Product Types

Users can track any and all locations types along with their information such as retail, office, medical, industrial, storage and more.

All Perspectives

Information can be tracked based on a perspective, such as owners vs tenants, investors vs occupants, franchisee vs franchisor and more.

Dynamic Access Levels

With a variety of product types and perspectives, RCS provides for multiple security/access levels limiting edit and review rights based on a user's need.

Easy & Customizable

Our products are tailored for each of our clients based on decades of business, real estate and innovation experience which is offered at all times.

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True words from our customers.

Making their real estate decisions easier.

  • – Troy Downing, CEO / AC Self Storage Solutions LLC
    Real Clear Software has done a terrific job replacing our prior investor services and location management applications. Our planned growth needed a central place to see everything, which this gives us. It’s helped us make better and faster choices… an overall major improvement in our day to day business.
  • – Chad Gleason, CEO / Pentavarite
    We integrated Real Clear Software into our portfolio tracking to innovate how we are targeting specific markets, properties, owners, comps, research, and pricing fundamentals. The program is easy to use, flexible to any of our needs, has improved our speed to market and owners on a significant basis.
  • – Clay DeNicola, Dir. Franchise Development / Mainstream Boutique
    Looking to grow the number of our stores six times, we needed help. Glad we called Real Clear Software. They gave us insight into what we have and what’s working for us. We are able to manage the thousands of broker submissions without hiring staff and we were able to take action quicker. If you’ve got more than a few stores, you have to check them out...

Real Clear Software right for you?

If you have multiple locations (5 or more) and you find yourself having difficulty tracking your information, using multiple spread sheets, with scattered information, and just know there is a better way... then Real Clear Software is right for you. We work from all perspectives (owners, tenants, users and more) and with all real estate scenarios.

  • Retail Users
  • Franchisors
  • Corporate Occupiers
  • Warehouse/MFG
  • Storage
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Municipalities
  • Hospitality
  • Specialty Uses
  • Brokerage
  • Real Estate Sponsors
  • Family Office
  • Multi-Family
  • and More!
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Easy to get started. 3 Step process.

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1. Call to create an account

No hard sales, no pressure, just opportunities to improve results. We will show you how the products have been used by other clients, and how that could relate to your portfolio. We have created three (3) separate plans based on portfolio size and our experience with clients’ needs.


2. Send us your location data

Our team will initially upload your business, portfolio and stakeholder data. Based upon the parameters you define, we will then create the dashboard, initial metric analysis and predictive analytics.


3. Start using the system

Collectively we will review and adjust the program u we will review and adjust the program u we will review and adjust the program until you are fully operational. Our years of experience will make sure the systems is exactly what you want and anticipated.

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