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PR: Revolutionary New Real Estate Intelligence Platform Powers Retail Success for Businesses

Amplifying Real Estate, Business and Bottomline Performance Real Clear Software's RCS Portfolio Centralizes Real Estate Portfolio Data for Consistent and Transparent Analysis and Actionable Dashboards

Newport Beach, Calif., January 8, 2019 - Real Clear Software, LLC is proud to announce the launch of Real Clear Software's Updated Launch - a new, cutting edge commercial real estate intelligence platform. Real Clear Software is an advanced analytics and automation software that solves the problems of dispersed and uncorrelated data about location performance and lack of cohesion between real estate, operations, sales, finance, HR, and HCM data.

Real Clear Software enables companies with multiple locations to analyze their business from any angle in real-time. Its predictive analytics and data visualization tools help companies understand how real estate decisions correlate to overall financial performance, and to significantly reduce the manual data entry currently done in Excel. With RCS Portfolio, executives and their teams can combine internal and external data to understand why some locations outperform others and select the metrics that contribute to overall success. RCS Portfolio unveils new opportunities to reduce costs, improve store-level operations, and increase profitability. It also comes equipped with project tracking, task management, key event notifications, and other productivity features that facilitate more efficient decision making, underwriting, and execution.

The partners of the firm have a wealth of experience in commercial real estate software, portfolio management, brokerage, development, property ownership and analytics that led to the development of the innovative Real Clear Software solution. The software development and beta testing were initiated in early 2016 at the request of a client with approximately 1,000 locations.

According to the Real Clear Software team's experience as portfolio managers, companies with large and small portfolios struggle with data management, consistency, and visualization, which can lead to lapsed updates to location criteria, unnecessary real estate costs, slower decision making, inefficient communication between stakeholders, missed real estate opportunities and, perhaps most importantly, a lack of insight on where and how to grow when it comes to real estate. Real Clear Software addresses these problems and is specifically tailored to each client's needs. Strategic consultation, optimization and co-management, and assistance with the design and construction of a customized dashboard and application, ensures that the right data is available and easy to use. The process is simple and expedient for businesses of all sizes.

Companies around the country are already benefiting from improved decision making enabled by access to key performance data. "RCS Portfolio has done a terrific job replacing our prior real estate management and investor applications," said Troy Downing, CEO of AC Self Storage Solutions, LLC in Newport Beach, California. "Our planned growth team needed a central place to see and analyze everything. RCS Portfolio has helped us make better and faster real estate choices...resulting in a major improvement in our day-to-day business."

"Looking to grow the number of our stores six times, we needed help," said Clay DeNicola, Director of Franchise Development, Mainstream Boutique. "RCS Portfolio gave us insight into what we have and what's working for us. We were able to manage the thousands of broker submissions without hiring staff and were able to take action quicker," he added.

As further proof of concept of its initial product offering, Real Clear Software was recently selected as one of 50 finalists (out of more than 1,200 firms who applied) for Quake Capital's West Coast Challenge startup competition. Quake Capital is a renowned seed and early stage venture capital fund and accelerator program based in Los Angeles and New York. The Challenge culminates on January 12, 2019 at the University of Southern California, where Real Clear Software will present its pitch for a chance to enter the Quake accelerator and receive $200,000 in seed funding.

About Real Clear Software
Real Clear Software, LLC develops software that helps the commercial real estate community improve productivity and create new business value by making real estate data more actionable. Real Clear Software facilitates companies' ability to analyze their business in real-time and make real estate investments that continuously deliver broader organizational benefit. Their goal is to create efficient tools that convert data into insight for corporate and retail users, asset managers, real estate sponsors, family offices, educational institutions, healthcare systems, and brokers. Founded by four partners who have managed over $10 Billion in commercial property and possess decades of experience in real estate, RCS Portfolio is Real Clear Software's first offering focused on the underserved commercial real estate portfolio management and intelligence vertical. RCS Portfolio, with its robust data visualization, predictive analytics, and reporting capabilities, unifies data across siloed applications and repositories; enabling owners to surface key performance data and allowing for intelligent reporting and decision making. For more information, please visit

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