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HR: The New Frontier of Real Estate - Does your data confirm that?

Talent Demands Options and HR To Help

Talent Demands Options

Blame millennials, blame technology, blame a changing work ethic, or just understand that times have changed. Employees no longer strive to work for a specific firm and boast their talent in order do so. New employees don't strive like they use to graduate and go to work for a Fortune 500 firm. Instead they expect that firm to find and hire them. As a result, those firms now must seek those specific employees and often compete for the talent they need. As a result, firms now need to enhance their extra-curricular allure to acquire quality employees. This means the future employee has more input over non-business-related items such as real estate than ever before. That means firms must now considered all types of incentives - such as a great real estate that caters to a hip and fun work environment.

Employee Loyalty is Fickle at Best

Ask any major architectural firm or larger firm internal HR employee happiness audit, and both will say the same thing - loyalty to current employers is not the same as it was 30 years ago! Long gone are the days of employee allegiance to the firm. Thus, if you have an employee that is willing to leave at any moment, let alone the fact you want them to want to stay and work hard, alternate factors (such as a great work environment) do have a big impact on employee retention. As a result, real estate / the work environment is the "new frontier" to help companies compensate with loyalty, recruiting and retaining employees - and knowing the "things/data" to make sure you have the right environment is critical.

HR-New Frontier of Real Estate

Read more about it in the above attached report, and learn how HR and the real estate department can tackle this issue and what the bottom line costs are in comparing the two departments and budgets.

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