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CRM and Commercial Real Estate

CRM Platforms to Chose From

There is no shortage of CRM platforms available to users and businesses alike. Whether you're keeping track of contacts, birthdays or anything and anyone you can imagine, there is a platform out there that can do it for you. The big question is, "Is that platform bettering your business?"

When it comes to a business CRM and task management system you want to be able to maintain an accurate listing of not only your contacts but of your vendors and how well they serviced you. It is important to monitor and track their success rate with you, how much business you have provided to them and more. Being able to rate your vendors is equally as important as having their contact information.

Rate Your Vendors

Let's be honest, you can rate just about anything nowadays with a few clicks and keystrokes. You rate your Uber driver, your restaurant experience, your package delivery, but are you able to rate your own contacts? This may seem obvious, but do does your CRM platform allow you to do this with your contacts and vendors and then sort results with it?

Consider a situation with a vendor that you only use once every three or four years. Will you really remember your experience with them (unless it was extremely poor experience, but then you would ask yourself why would I keep this contact in my CRM to begin with), or are you likely to truly forget the experience you had? Or better yet, do you track how much business you do provide this vendor, and are you leveraging that knowledge and volume of business for better terms and conditions with them?

When considering a comprehensive CRM program, especially when it comes to commercial real estate and keeping a list of vendors, be sure your platform offers an evaluation and rating system as well as means to track volume of business. For when you have a great vendor it's always great to reward them, and when you have a poor vendor it's always great to remind yourself why not to call them.

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