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On Demand Fully Integrated Real Estate Business Intelligence - 2020/2021 Will be Critical for Real Estate Decision Making

Through the shock, sadness and hope of 2020/2021, our world has clearly changed. For commercial real estate, most if not all professionals are moving forward with new or revised business strategies. This is important first survive and then to prosper. This process obviously creates stress; however, it also creates a tremendous amount of opportunity. This "opportunity" comes from the use of rapidly emerging innovative software applications that provide business intelligence, portfolio management, a higher level of productivity and reduced costs.

In every major financial, business and culturally changing event, condensed innovation comes in all shapes and sizes. For real estate and related businesses, it becomes increasingly critical that business intelligence is applied to all relevant operating and real estate data. Correlations, accurately applied, identify new business models for site selection, office and collaboration designs, transaction management and portfolio analysis, performance analytics and investor reporting. For those not adept at change or slow to adopt, this can bring fear and mistrust. For those who embrace it, it is liberating.

Creating Value is Critical

In times of stress like we are in, it is more imperative than ever for professionals to focus on creating real quantifiable enterprise value. This contribution to competitive advantage is needed for clients, employers, partners and collaborators. It is equally imperative to have the ability to analyze, report and demonstrate the benefits from your work. Too many people succeed at the objective yet fail to promote their success.

Creating quantifiable enterprise value requires an absolute knowledge of your business, challenges, numbers, portfolio metrics and correlations for success. If your data is centralized and integrates all critical company real estate, stakeholder and business data, you can easily create tremendous value for yourself and your firm. If your real estate software solution allows external and internal stakeholders to collaborate, you are probably already presenting predictive analysis portfolio solutions.

Most firms incorporate a number of disparate software systems for their real estate portfolio. These include lease administration, HR, CRM, project management, site selection/transaction management, maintenance, investor services, stacking, and accounting, just to name a few. These CRE departments are at a distinct disadvantage trying to create enterprise value when challenged with manually integrating these many different systems.

Integrate Your Business and Real Estate Data

For success today, take the time to review innovative solutions that exist to integrate all of your data. This decision-making perspective ensures you are making the right choices, recommendations and decisions. These analytics have clarity and specificity of purpose in terms of aligning with your business strategies. The result is adding quantitative value to your firm's bottom line and competitive advantage.

Real Clear Software is a solution built for integrating any and all real estate and operating data into a single application for day to day management. Real Clear Software's commercial and cloud based real estate management software is 100% customizable to incorporate any data set requirement you want to track, measure or compare. RCS integrates portfolio, transaction, project and document management, data security, performance measurement, data analysis & comparison, real time data access, stakeholder collaboration, CRM, demographics, maintenance reviews and generation of various reports.

For more information on RCS Portfolio from Real Clear Software, visit, email, or phone (949) 445-6220. Craig Morris Co-Founder, Real Clear Software

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